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March 2018: Cost Cutting Drives Profit Growth at Hotels in the Middle East & Africa

Hotels in the Middle East & Africa successfully cut costs to fuel a 4.6% year-on-year…

3 weeks ago
UK Chain Hotels
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March 2018: Profit Wash Out at UK Hotels

Year-on-year profit per room dropped by 5.6% this month as the wettest March in a…

4 weeks ago
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November 2017: GOPPAR Growth Continues For Hotels in Europe Despite Profit Challenges in Germany

The robust performance of hotels in Europe continued in November with a 9.6% increase recorded…

5 months ago
UK Chain Hotels
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November 2017: Revenue Rise Fails to Deliver GOPPAR Growth at UK Hotels

Despite recording a 0.6% increase in Total Revenue in November, profit per room at hotels…

5 months ago
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October 2017: GOPPAR Levels Hit 2017 High at USA Hotels

Profit levels at hotels in the USA hit a 2017 high of $135.08 per available…

6 months ago