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January 2018: Hotel Profits Hit by Rising Costs

  Hotels in the UK faced a challenging start to the year as escalating costs,…

3 weeks ago
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December 2017: Positive Year Ends with Profit Drop at UK Hotels

December was a lacklustre end to a positive year for hotels in the UK, as…

2 months ago
UK Chain Hotels
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November 2017: Revenue Rise Fails to Deliver GOPPAR Growth at UK Hotels

Despite recording a 0.6% increase in Total Revenue in November, profit per room at hotels…

3 months ago
UK Chain Hotels
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October 2017: GOPPAR Growth Continues But Profit Conversion Falls at UK Hotels

Hotels in the UK maintained their upward trajectory in GOPPAR growth this month, but the…

4 months ago
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September 2017: Profit per Room Plummets as Hotels in the Middle East & Africa Return to Business as Usual

Following a summer of mixed fortunes, which included a welcome year-on-year increase in profit per…

5 months ago