The best thing hoteliers might have to say about 2021 was that it wasn't 2020. 

2020 came as a shock from nowhere, as hoteliers scrambled to stave off what was an existential threat. The past year, meanwhile, was a chance for hoteliers to reassess their operational structures to be better equipped through what remained pandemic mode.

The good news is that the picture is becoming clearer and out in the horizon sits hope for a strong comeback. 

HotStats has been charting this recovery throughout and are happy to report the trends, topics and data in our annual Profit Matters Global Hotel Performance Review 2021, which is now available for free download here.

As the data prove, the global hotel industry is charging back, but the recovery is uneven, arduous and protracted. 

Download Profit Matters Global Hotel Performance Review 2021 to learn about key data and trends including:

  • Region-by-region analysis
  • Revamping operational structures
  • Impact on labor
  • Expense reductions 
  • Commentary from industry executives
  • Country and city-level revenue, expense and profit measures
  • Estimates of what’s in store for 2022

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