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Under a commitment of total confidentiality HotStats is the only provider of a monthly hotel profit and loss benchmark service. For almost two decades, HotStats has brought quality, customised and unique information to improve hotels' profitability through the delivery of unique market intelligence data.

The biggest brands, banks, investment firms and asset management companies across the world use HotStats to make informed decisions about the performance of their hotels, from top line to bottom line. Developers, analysts, consultants and valuers use HotStats to enhance the quality of their advice in relation to development decisions and valuations.

In a capital intensive, fast changing and multi-faceted business, decisions can only be made based on in-depth knowledge of how markets are performing all the way through to the bottom line; HotStats uniquely helps that decision making.


Benchmarking Beyond RevPAR

What Lies Beneath? In this publication, HotStats journey beyond RevPAR and delve deep into the hotel profit and loss statement to investigate how the UK hotel market has evolved over the last 15 years, providing detailed analysis on revenue growth and its correlation with the tidal shift in demand patterns, the resulting impact on cost and profit conversion and key trends likely to be challenging hotel profitability in the next few years.

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