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With a wealth of experience and the world’s largest monthly profit-and-loss database in the hotel industry, we’re proud of our uniquely intelligent benchmarking and performance software. HotStats looks far beyond REVPAR, offering an unparalleled opportunity to understand the industry like never before.

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Hotels are complex and dynamic businesses with many moving parts, all of which need careful monitoring and control. HotStats responds to the growing need to benchmark hotel performance through the whole of the profit and loss account. Operators want to demonstrate their value and help owners to optimize profit and value. Analysts and observers need to offer the best advice. To do this needs robust, regular, comparable data. HotStats delivers what no-one else can: monthly, detailed, comparable profit and loss analysis.

Using our tool you can track financial performance on over 500 metrics, allowing you to target areas of underperformance and implement strategies and tactics to close gaps. Because the data is reported in compliance with Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) 11th Edition you can be confident that apples are being compared with apples. It takes the guesswork out of profit and loss benchmarking and gives you the knowledge you need to improve performance.

No other hotel benchmarking tool delivers what HotStats does; and it’s profit that matters.

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