Complete Data for Higher Returns

Access to industry-wide hotel data shows detailed insights into what’s driving profitability. Real-time data assists in improving hotel performance, which helps boost owner returns.

Key Benefits

Results-Oriented Benchmarking
Current Insights for Action Now
Usability at All Levels

Results-Oriented Benchmarking

Data and trends are built to improve profitability. Insights go beyond top-line numbers and into revenue and expenses incurred across departments. They dive into how much money you have at the end of the day and where that money’s coming from.

More complete data makes budgeting, due diligence and benchmarking easier. With intuitive software, you can measure revenue with your expenses and improve profits.


Current Insights for Action Now

Direct access to monthly data in real time, facilitating operational adjustments throughout the year and on a month-to-month basis.

Current Insights

Usability at All Levels
The power to break down custom reports for property-, regional- and corporate-level users with around-the-clock support and training.

Rigid CompSet rules ensure that data from an individual property cannot be singled out.


Features to Improve Business

HotStats’ unique benchmarking features enable easy comparison with the competition and serve as a roadmap toward improving and increasing profits.

  • Includes 500+ KPIs across the hotel industry
  • In-depth analysis of revenue and expense
  • Real-time web-based access
  • Data mapped to the 11th edition of the USALI 
  • Segmented data by current month, current financial year, rolling 12 months or custom dates going as far back as 48 months
  • Index against the competition and the market
  • Export reports and select currency

Why Choose Hotstats

Much more than demand and supply

Trusted Data

Compare trusted financial data covering millions of hotel rooms globally, collated monthly from 120 brands.

Insights Beyond RevPAR

Access operational data from 600+ markets worldwide, covering departmental revenue, cost of sales, payroll, expense and profitability trends.

Tailored Intelligence

Bespoke monthly benchmarking reports are the market intelligence needed to drive and maximize owner returns.


How do you compare?

Simply select your region and you can get live access to market performance data from Occupancy to Total Revenue. See the power of benchmarking for profit.


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