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Understand where your hotel property or portfolio sits within the market and how to beat your competition. Review financial performance across a range of revenue and profitability metrics.

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HotStats has enabled us to review, on a monthly basis, each of our hotels’ individual performance to the properties within the HotStats database. This is providing solid third-party benchmarking and tracking capabilities for our operations teams to analyze and then tweak daily routines on property. It is enabling us to pinpoint specific areas within the P&L that we can improve upon as well as magnify where we are excelling."

Anna Rench,

VP of Acquisitions & Asset Mgmt., McNeill Hotel Company

"As an industry, we’ve historically put a great level of emphasis on benchmarking room revenue on a weekly and monthly basis. Benchmarking for the rest of the P&L, however, is often limited to annually. HotStats now provides hotel managers with the opportunity to benchmark the detailed line items of the P&L on a monthly basis. As operators, this allows us to stay current with the latest trends in the market and to respond immediately by adjusting operations as needed."

Paul Mengacci,

VP of Finance & Analytics, Prism Hotels

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