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2007 - 2016 Ten Years of Tectonic Movement

The Shifting Profit Profile of European City Hotel Markets

As cities across Europe have witnessed tectonic shifts in their regional and national economic and political landscape over the last ten years, the performance of hotel markets across the continent is becoming more and more divergent.

The landscape continues to shift, sometimes at a remarkable rate due to world-changing events, such as the great recession and terrorist activity, so it is crucial for operators and investors to understand what impact external forces are having on performance and what can be done to maintain and grow profit levels.

In our Benchmarking Beyond RevPAR publication, HotStats’ analysts journeyed beyond RevPAR and delved deep into the hotel profit and loss statement to investigate how the UK hotel market has evolved over the last 15 years.

In this publication, the performance of hotels across Europe are analysed over a ten-year period to evaluate the shifting revenue, cost and profit profile of full-service hotels in key markets. The publication will also highlight the growing dependence of European hoteliers on third party booking agents, changing demand booking profiles and the impact of the escalating cost of labour on profit levels.

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