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Data Benchmarking Firm HotStats Now Integrated With Fairmas BI Tool

LONDON, November 10, 2021—HotStats, the global leader in monthly profit and loss data benchmarking, and Fairmas, the cloud-native business intelligence financial tool serving the hotel industry, have announced a new integration via FairPlanner, Fairmas’ P&L planning, controlling and reporting tool, allowing for the seamless transition of data from hotels on the Fairmas platform to HotStats.

The integration allows for mutual clients of the two to enter their monthly actual data once into FairPlanner, which automatically sends the P&L data to HotStats to process for benchmarking. Current Fairmas customers can also elect to begin working with HotStats on their benchmarking solution, which allows hotels to measure their operational performance vis-à-vis the competition.

“With the continuous development of our hospitality financial business intelligence solution, we maintain our user-focused and task-oriented approach as we optimize all processes in the areas of planning, controlling and reporting through automation. Sharing a common factor of working with the profit and loss account, partnering with HotStats, an established hotel specialist for profit and loss performance benchmarking, was simply a natural fit,” said Niels Schröder, Managing Director of Fairmas. “We look forward to working with HotStats as we combine our strengths to benefit our mutual customers. In addition to saving them valuable time and effort, plus guaranteed data accuracy, we share the ultimate goal in helping them increase their profit.”

“HotStats partners with companies that share in our vision to help hotel owners, operators and other stakeholders maximize asset profitability,” said Pablo Alonso, CEO of HotStats. “Fairmas aligns with this attitude. Integrating with FairPlanner allows for an easy transfer of hotel data without having to replicate the exercise. We look forward to expanding our profit and loss data benchmarking tools and solutions with current Fairmas’ current customers and future ones.”

About HotStats
HotStats provides monthly P&L benchmarking and market insight for the global hotel industry, collecting monthly detailed financial data from more than 8,500 hotels worldwide and over 100 different brands and independent hotels. HotStats provides more than 550 different KPIs covering all operating revenues, payroll, expenses, cost of sales and departmental and total hotel profitability.

About Fairmas
Fairmas specializes in the development of cloud-native financial planning, controlling and management reporting software tailored to the needs and specificities of the hotel industry. Since its foundation in 2003, Fairmas is continuously working on the user focus-oriented optimization and standardization of the financial planning process to benefit the 15,000 users from over 5,000 hotel customers worldwide - from global chain-hotels to leisure hotels and privately-run hotels. Fairmas software solutions are implemented within the average time span of 8 to 12 weeks.

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