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The Hospitality Asset Managers Association (HAMA) Europe is a forum for European hospitality asset managers to share knowledge, experience, and best practices and to put asset management at the forefront of the real estate industry. Our membership roster includes representation from institutional funds, individual owners, private equity investors, and real estate groups —all dedicated to the hospitality industry.

HAMA Europe is delighted to announce the launch of the 2023 HAMA Europe Asset Management Achievement Award. This award was established to recognise the key role played by hotel asset management in sustainably growing asset value and driving underlying investment returns. The award ceremony gathers a fantastic crowd of asset management professionals and creates an opportunity for the winner to speak in front of valued peers at the pre-eminent real estate investment conference for the hospitality sector.

As the hotel industry continues to emerge from the Covid pandemic and must face new challenges, hotel asset management has never been so crucial in managing all stakeholders in hotel ownership and ultimately creatively adapting to the changing needs of the customer over the short and longer term.

This will be the 7th edition of the award with some outstanding prior winners including London & Regional Properties, Pyramid Hotel Group, Global Holdings, Starwood Capital, Amaris Hospitality and The Social Hub with investments that have covered both single assets and large portfolios demonstrating the breadth of the hotel asset management discipline.

The award is co-sponsored by Questex Hospitality and HotStats. The Award ceremony is a key moment of the International Hospitality Investment Forum (IHIF), the largest and by far most important European event for hotel investors. During this session, a great crowd of asset management professionals gather to pay tribute to the best-in-class asset management case studies identified by the Award Committee comprised of HAMA Europe members and the judging panel comprised of respected industry leaders.

As an Award candidate, there is the potential to speak in front of valued peers by sharing your case study at the panel session at IHIF, as well as the possibility of receiving the Award and industry recognition as a winner for 2023.


We invite applications based on a phased two-stage submission process as outlined below, with the final award to be made at IHIF in Berlin, in May 2023.

Submissions are invited for single assets and portfolios. Details of the judging criteria that will govern the award can be found in section II.

1. First Round Submission: the initial submission will be a short narrative, including data as appropriate, based on the parameters set out below.

  • Complete the First Round Submission Form.
  • Freeform submission under the provided headings.
  • Include one or two pictures of the subject property/properties, ideally setting out before and after if there were construction works.
  • Submissions are to be made by email to by 8th February 2023.

2. Second Round Submission: the Award Committee shall shortlist the submissions, inviting these shortlisted candidates to complete a full application for judges to review.

  • Invitation to shortlisted candidates will be sent by 8th March 2023, including a Second Round Submission template document.
  • Final submission guidance shall be provided to those shortlisted candidates by the HAMA Europe Award Committee members.
  • HotStats will work with the shortlisted candidates to provide them with key benchmarking data for their project submission.
  • Submission shall be ca. 10 pages long, including some performance data and using the application template provided.
  • Detailed submission to be submitted by email to by 22nd March 2023.

3. Selection Process

  • The judging panel shall review and vote on the shortlisted submissions to select a winner.
  • The Award Committee will invite the winner to prepare and present their case study at a dedicated panel session during IHIF.
  • The winner and runners-up will be announced at IHIF in Berlin, from 15th to 17th May 2023.


In evaluating all the submissions, the judges will use the following criteria:

  • Assessment of overall strategy with clear goals
  • Asset management actions that are clearly linked to strategy
  • Directly attributable value enhancement with demonstrable results
  • Assessment of early results and amendment of strategy or asset management actions to improve results
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance strategy, and actions


For any queries related to the submission process please contact HAMA Europe confidentially at


The HAMA Europe Asset Management Achievement Award Committee and the judging panel will treat all information submitted in applications as confidential and materials shall not be used for any other purposes outside of the 2023 HAMA Europe Asset Management Achievement Award. Please note, that the Award Committee reserves to right to request official proof of the data submitted to verify its authenticity. In case that the Award Committee requires any additional information, have any questions with regards to the submission, or has shortlisted a submission, the Award Committee will contact you directly. To view the full HAMA Europe Privacy Policy please click here.

Questex LLC will treat all information submitted in applications as confidential and materials shall not be used for any other purposes outside of the 2023 HAMA Europe Asset Management Achievement Award. To view the full Questex Privacy Policy please click here.

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