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Suntrust Robinson Humphrey June 2020 Hotel P&L Analyzer

May down 12,570 bps y/y on -92.9% Total RevPAR

Op. ex & other costs materially reduced in May but hotels still deep in the red

What's Incremental To Our View

Based on “big data” observations from higher-rated U.S. hotels (data source: HotStats): May: -12,570 bps of GOP margin growth on -92.9% Total RevPAR (Rooms RevPAR + outside-of-the-room spend). By comparison, April was down 22,290 bps y/y on -95.0%.Total RevPAR May results were materially better than April (as expected) given tremendous cost-cutting measures were enacted and many hotels closed.

Forecasting 2Q20 EBITDA (and pretty much any future period) for the REITS remains challenging. We estimate y/y EBITDA margins for Upper Upscale/Luxury hotels that remained open throughout 2Q to be -8,000 to -12,500 bps. As a measure of relativity, historically our estimated ranges have been approx. 100bps. REIT margins may actually be worse given closed hotels and corp G&A costs. By comparison our ests for 2Q20 for the most part are at the lower-end or below this range as we attempt to factor-in the impact of closed hotels.

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Industry Notes

RevPAR: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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